Dear Karkalites;

We are Planning to build all facts about our Native Karkala, online on our website.

We hereby request you to send Photos and details of interesting facts and details of Village/Church/Temple/Historical Place/Events and anything Interesting; with your details.

Please mail to : admin @

Thank You Very much, In Advance.

2 thoughts on “Request”

  1. Hi

    I am from Mangalore, I had purchased land near Miyar Church, due to some reason we are not able to build a house there.
    At present we are planning to sale the land. If any one interested to purchase, plz contact below no.

  2. For liver in Konkani it is showing Khaliz/Popis,
    If the liver is Kaliz then what about the Heart?
    If the liver is Popis then what about lungs??

    Wrong info!


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