The Immaculate Heart Church NAKRE

CHURCH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY is situated at a distance of 60 kms from Mangalore and 7 kms from Karkal and is surrounded by Karkal, Attur, Karkal-Town, Kanajar and Hirgan parishes.

Nakre was once a part of Karkal-Attur. On the site donated by Remedia and Isabella Lobo, the parish preist of Attur constructed the church. Fr Andrew Rodrigues, the assistant parish priest of Attur, looked after the spiritual needs of Nakre prior to its establishment as a parish. Nakre became a parish on April 21, 1968 and Fr Andrew Rodrigues became the first parish priest. Fr Vincent Maris built the belfry. Fr Onil D’Souza renovated the church and the presbytery buildings in 2000.

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